Teenage health programme.

Teenage health programme.

The teenage health programme was sponsored by Transnet and was held between 22-24 August 2017. Teenage girls attend this programme 3 times a year. When they attended their first session they received a back bag with toiletries and a menstrual cup. After that they only received toiletries at the second and third meeting. The programme focused on personal hygiene and to motivate the girls to attend and finish school. They were also given information sessions on how to use a journal, to set up their goals in life and how to reach those goals. There were also information sessions on the importance of relationships inside and outside of family life, puberty, family planning. STI’s and HIV, teenage pregnancy and domestic violence.

For their year-end function a trip to Kimberley was organised to attend a conference held by Absa to inform them about bursaries. The Education department also motivated them to finish school and get a higher education after high school. They were also informed about bursaries provided by Transnet.

Teenage health programmes were also held on the 25th of January in Marydale, where 49 people attended and in Prieska, where 89 people attended. Another on was held on the 3rd of May in Marydale, where 49 people attended and in Prieska, where 85 people attended.

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