Pregnancy Awareness week

Pregnancy Awareness week

Pregnancy Awareness Week: Healthy and Safe Motherhood Is Childs Birth Right: 12 – 16 February 2018.


What Is Pregnancy Awareness Week?

It is an event used by the Department of Health for strengthening educations and stressing important issues which promote a healthy pregnancy and safe motherhood. It is a reminder that pregnant women should start attending antenatal care as soon as they confirm that they are pregnant. This should be done on the first trimester. This year, Pregnancy Awareness Week will start on the 12th of February and end on the 16th of February.


The reason antenatal care is important is because it provides the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to treat* existing medical conditions that can be aggravated by pregnancy like diabetes, hypertension, anaemia and infections.
  • Free testing and voluntary counselling for HIV.
  • Early recognition of danger signs in pregnancy and post-delivery.
  • Preparation for birth and readiness for complications.
  • Self-care which includes nutrition and high standard of hygiene.
  • Information on the father’s role and the family’s as well.


Pregnancy Awareness Week also gives importance to the rights of pregnant women which include the following:

  • The right of a woman to choose her companion for providing support during pregnancy and childbirth. The companion will also accompany her to the antenatal care clinic as well as during labour.
  • The right of the woman to be treated with respect, dignity and confidentiality.
  • The right of the woman to ask questions and to get the right explanation regarding her condition.


Purpose of Pregnancy Awareness Week:

The primary purpose of Pregnancy Awareness Week is to reduce* the number of deaths or complications from pregnancy. This includes both the mother and the foetus/baby. The event does so by strengthening the education on pregnancy and highlighting important issues that promote a healthy pregnancy and safe motherhood. The government suggests that pregnant women should start attending antenatal care as soon as they think they are pregnant within the first trimester.


Important Things to Know Regarding Pregnancy:

During Pregnancy Awareness Week, the goal is to increase* awareness regarding crucial information in relation to pregnancy. There are many important things that mothers and parents need to know about pregnancy. One example is the right time to have a baby. Having a baby is a life-changing event that can either be wonderful, dreadful or both. You need to make sure that you are ready for it but some women/parents can get surprised when they are not yet ready. The mother and her partner should discuss becoming pregnant thoroughly and determine if they are prepared for the changes that it and the baby will bring.

Another example is the different tests needed before conceiving. It is important for the mother and her partner to undergo HIV testing before trying to conceive a baby. This is important even if the couple has been in a long-term relationship with each other. It will help prevent the transmission of the disease between the couple and the baby. The other important tests before pregnancy include screening for German measles and rubella. This is in order to prevent congenital abnormalities from being caused. A thorough gynaecological examination which includes a pap smear is also needed.


Message on Pregnancy Awareness Week:

Pregnancy is a miraculous time in a woman’s life. However, it is also a delicate condition that needs close medical supervision. You need to learn the things that you need to do and those you should avoid. This is the reason Pregnancy Awareness Week was created. The main goal of the event is to spread important information regarding pregnancy including tips on how to have a healthy pregnancy, how to prevent complications and many more. Anyone can help in achieving the goal of the event. Even a simple post or tweet using social media can help.



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