Individual counselling

FAMSA’s counselling service includes both individual- and group counselling. Family life and positive relationships form the foundation of a healthy society, it is clear that family counselling services are vital to our well-being. Counselling includes:

  • counselling for individuals in relationships,
  • marital counselling,
  • same-sex couple counselling,
  • families,
  • adolescents,
  • divorcing couples or individuals involved in divorce.

Another part of FAMSA’s counselling services includes the Beyond yourself adventure camp where an accredited facilitator aims to promote youth leadership and to help learners work in a team. The camp offers unique problem-solving techniques where team participants have to work with the educational lectures that will be presented to them, to use it and to find clear solutions for the particular problem and to solve it as a team.

The Low ropes are incorporated with the team building and leadership development and the purpose of a Low rope is to connect to the rest of the program and are thus outcomes-based activities that address certain issues such as:

  • Behavior
  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Test the emotional maturity of the group as well as cohesion to name just a few   points.

Through active participation from the counsellor as well as the client in a safe and confidential environment, counselling is carried out in a series of sessions. 

Common issues presented during counselling sessions include

  • communication breakdown,
  • domestic violence, infidelity,
  • divorce, stepfamilies,
  • parenting problems,
  • stress and emotional problems
  • Substance
  • Theft
  • Diversion Programs
  • Bullying to name just a few