Family stability hinges on parenting. For this reason FAMSA engaged in a Parental Skills Training Program in Upington, Postmasburg, Springbok, Calvinia, Prieska, namely HANDS ON PARENTING. During the program, parents or caregivers are encouraged to play their expected roles in the upbringing of their children. Where there is a case of parental breakdown or its absence, means are sought to strengthen this area.

Main objectives of the program:

To learn about the things that affect children’s behaviour;

To unlearn the unhelpful ways we have used in the past with our children;

To re-learn new ways of thinking and behaving as parents.  These new ways will help our children grow, develop and reach their potential.

An important skill which is taught to the parents: “Children do not need perfect parents. They need good enough parents.  Good enough parents are parents who are aware of mistakes and are willing to admit it to their children and to say sorry.  They are willing to try again and again.”